Services of Rudas Thermal Bath


  • thermal baths
  • swimming pool
  • tub bath (with curative water)
  • underwater waterjet massage (upon medical prescription)
  • medical massage

  • water massage
    Refreshing massage with soap from head to toe for those who wish to be refreshed. During the massage, the whole body is thoroughly treated, the movements reduce tension, muscle rigidity, and also stimulate blood circulation.

  • harmony aroma massage
    What sets your mind at ease? We know the answer: an aroma therapy massage, a relaxing treatment done by calm, slow and gentle movements. This massage, a favourite kind of massage nowadays is not only one of the great many treatments in the hot water medicinal baths of Budapest. It is a thrilling experience, a relaxing massage scented with precious aromas and warm oil.  The aroma therapy massage is specifically recommended as a first massage experience in case you are unfamiliar with the realm of massages, in times of increased mental and physical load or for insomnia.

  • royal thermal extra massage
    This massage is a perfect complement of thermal bathing. Based on a more powerful Swedish method the massage is offered for those who prefer a more dynamic treatment.  The royal thermal extra massage is the therapeutic version of the royal thermal massage. Following the massage the masseur applies an extremely strong balm containing goat butter to the aching regions of the body in order to enhance the healing effect. By doing so the masseur also increases the painkilling effect of the massage.

    Therapy process: Full body massage (head and foot massage are not included) + back treatment
    Duration: 60 minutes

    Treatment with Mátra Mountain Herbs

    Hungary is rather rich in herbs, it is home of about 200 species of indigenous plants. The beneficial effect of the herbs growing in the wild was already known by the ancient Hungarian healing shamans and they used it mainly during their rituals. The treatment includes a massage with medium strong grips performed with special massage oil and a body wrap when a warmed cushion of real herbs is placed on the softened skin and the loose back muscle, helping the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. The herbal cushion is laid on the skin for 15 minutes. During that time you just rest and relax. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, feel the beneficial effect of the warm herbal blanket! The Treatment with Mátra Mountain Herbs is recommended for anybody regardless the age and gender who likes medicinal herbs.

    Treatment with Kolop medicinal mud

    River Tisza is the second largest river of Hungary. Kolop mud excavated from the river is a natural healing factor, a tiny-grained medicinal soil which is used as a mixture with medicinal water. Kolop mud has been used since 1920 in the baths of Budapest for medical purpose, it was qualified as medical mud in 1968. The use of Kolop mud is equivalent with bathing in warm water springs that bursts naturally from the depth. With the development of the balneology cures the various mud wraps mean one of the most important complementary services of the cures. Healing with mud is assured by the mud’s mineral content, the heat-storing capacity, the warming and stiffness-relieving and hyperaemia-causing effect arising by the slow heat transfer. It is applied mostly for the chronic diseases of the joints and spine, the gout and sport injuries. The Treatment with Kolop medicinal mud is recommended for everybody regardless the age and gender who likes or would like to try a mud-based treatment.

    Treatment with Hungarian Wines

    Hungary is an excellent vine-growing region, several worldwide famous wines were already born from this noble fruit. Grapes are precious not only because of wine-making, its berries are considered full-value food since they contain everything the body needs. Its flesh, the shell, the seed are valuable sources of nutrients, they contain anti-oxidants and healing minerals. Grapes assist to fight of the cells against aging, the compounds in the shell have virus-killing effect. The flesh itself and the juice is rich in nutrients. It is suitable to improve the general vitality. It contains a lot of vitamin B and magnesium, its nerve-strengthening effect is also outstanding, it can also be used efficiently when tired. It is also rich in vitamins A, C and E. These components strengthen the immune system and hinder aging. Even the seed-oil is valuable: it helps protecting the brain and the nervous system from damaging, it strengthens the arteries and prevents arteriosclerosis. It can be beneficial for those who have some allergy or inflammation of the joints. The Treatment with Hungarian Wines is recommended especially for anybody regardless of age and gender who likes or would like to try the healing power of grape.

  • sauna
  • steam bath
  • drink diets
  • pedicure
    Our feet bears most of the daily load so it needs to be nurtured and cared for as much as the rest of the body. Classic pedicure service, which removes calluses and cares for the nailsand cuticles.
  • value safe-keeping
  • rental
  • catering service facilities
  • Rudas Restaurant & Bar
  • ATM

Gift cards

  • Rudas Gift Card: The voucher can be used for any spa service within one year after purchase. Perfect gift for family members, friends and colleagues.
  • Hydrus Gift Card: The voucher includes an all day ticket to Rudas Baths (or Gellért Spa, Széchenyi Spa, Lukács Spa) and a 20-minute massage.