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Traditional water massages

the rebirth of body and spirit

20' 45'


Traditional treatment is a real curiosity, a special blend of massage and thermal water experience.
Use of vigorous Swedish motions, thermal water jets and thermal water pourings with handmade soap made from the medicinal water of the Rudas Bath.
Mixed style, the most special massage experience of the Budapest spas.

Massages are available only from the age of 14.



6.500 - 10.000 HUF



a healing power lies in a thermal water


#authentic location

Time travel to the Turkish era. An octagonal pool, a hemispherical dome, columns, dense steam, the rays of light passing through the colored glass windows of the dome create an unparalleled atmosphere.

#thermal water

Hungary is a thermal water superpower. There are 21 hot springs under the Rudas Bath. The healing effects of our waters are recognized worldwide.

#handmade soap

Thanks to the artisanal soap made from the water of the Juventus spring of the Rudas Bath, which contains macadamia oil, the skin becomes especially clean and velvety.


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